Having Trouble Logging In?

Let us help! Watch the video and try following the steps below. If you are still having trouble logging in after trying those steps, please send us a mehttp://m.me/ssage and let us know what you are experiencing.

Step 1

Go to www.churchmarketinguniversity.com and look for the Login tab on the very top right of your screen.

Step 2

Find the upper right-hand navigation bar and click on the Login tab. The navigation will always be at the very top of the page, so if you are further down, please scroll up until you see the navigation bar!

Step 3

If you already have your login credentials, go ahead and login from this screen. If you have contacted us and have had your email verified, please click on the “Lost your password?” area (as seen in the photo above).

Step 4

Once you’ve clicked on that link, it should bring up this page which will instruct you on what to do next. Just place your approved email in the text field, and you should receive a link in your email to set your new password! Then just go ahead and login!